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America's Venture Capitol.
Conference - July 2019


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The Speakers



(Mostly in Order of Acceptance)


Venture Capital & Startup Expert.  Bringing Silicon Valley to Washington D.C.

John D. Villarreal, JD MBA/MA in Communications Candidate at Johns Hopkins University

Founder and CEO

America's Venture Capitol

0-to-IPO venture capital/high-growth/high-technology company expert.  John has been a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley/SF with the former CEO of Apple, Inc.  Mr. Villarreal worked in venture capital on both the West and East Coast.  Mr. Villarreal also worked as a lawyer for the legendary Silicon Valley-based law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (WSGR) in their Palo Alto headquarters for the legendary Mario Rosati.  A proven leader in picking winners and adding value to high-growth companies globally.  He consistently improved business models and added major revenues, profits, customer satisfaction, and media/public relations to organizations.  He motivated/built teams and combined multi-disciplinary networks/service providers to rapidly add synergistic value to organizations. Mr. Villarreal has deep connections in high-value areas, is a major change agent within organizations, and rapidly moves the needle towards new levels of success. 


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Co-Founder of SoKat.co and Assistant Professor in Finance at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Dr. Jim Kyung-Soo Liew is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and revels in pushing the boundaries of financial knowledge and product development both as an academic and FinTech Entrepreneur. He has published pioneering research in the intersection of social media big data, crypto-currencies, and financial markets. He currently teaches "Big Data Machine Learning AI," "Blockchain,” “Advanced Hedge Fund Strategies," and "Leading Entrepreneurship and Innovation" at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Additionally, he serves as the Chairman of the Johns Hopkins Innovation Factory and has received the Dean’s Award for Faculty Excellence 2015-2018.


Blockchain, Venture Capital, & Hedge Fund Expert


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Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist & Startup Expert.

Bruce Cleveland

Founding Partner             Wildcat Venture Partners

Bruce Cleveland is a Founding Partner at Wildcat Venture Partners where he focuses on early stage software startups that enable digital transformation across business, government, and education markets.

Bruce enjoys working with companies that use technology and data to increase revenue and decrease costs.  Bruce enjoys the challenge of creating new companies and navigating new markets. He is interested in growing entrepreneurial hubs outside of Silicon Valley. Bruce also is committed to sharing his knowledge and experience through the Traction Gap Framework®, which helps entrepreneurs navigate the critical go-to-market period between initial product release (IPR) and reaching minimal viable traction (MVT).

Bruce held senior executive roles in engineering, product management and product marketing with companies, such as Apple, AT&T, Oracle and Siebel Systems. Bruce’s last operational role was as a member of the founding executive team of Siebel Systems, where he served as senior vice president and general manager of Marketing and Products. In this role, Forbes and IDC credited him with creating the most effective B2B alliance program in the software industry. Bruce began his venture capital career at InterWest Partners, where he was the first investor and a former board member of Marketo, which held an IPO in 2013 and was acquired by Adobe in 2018 for $4.75 billion.

Bruce is also the author of the best seller, Traversing the Traction Gap and lectures on the Traction Gap Framework at various universities and industry events.


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Jose Arrieta

Chief Information Officer

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Jose Arrieta joined the HHS team in January 2018 and brings over 14 years expertise in policy, procurement and technology solutions to HHS.   He has deep experience in all phases of the acquisition lifecycle and has served in a broad range of roles including contracting officer, budget manager, financial manager, small business executive, and program manager.    He is a respected leader in applying emerging technologies, especially blockchain, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation, to Federal acquisition challenges.  Jose has published several articles on the importance of communicating with the industrial base to ensure successful procurement outcomes.  He is actively engaged in the academic community and currently serves at the University of Virginia and Johns Hopkins University as an Adjunct Professor focused on Blockchain and Public Procurement.   He is also an advisor to the Dean of the Kogod Business School and provides guidance on the creation of a data science lab that is exploring the use of blockchain.   He has pushed for a broader policy view of blockchain technology and created government-wide communities (e.g. ACT IAC Blockchain Working Group) focused on identifying blockchain use cases and best practices.  


Blockchain and Building the Government of the Future


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Meet & Greet/Registration/Networking

Room 1

Room 2


Bringing Silicon Valley to Washington D.C. & across America

How to Apply Blockchain Successfully: Dos and Don'ts

John Villarreal

Jim Liew


Zero to IPO- Guidebook for a Hot Startup

Leadership Styles During Company Growth Stages: From $0 to $200+ Millions in Revenues

Moderator: John Villarreal

Speakers: Sumner Webster, Steve Meltzer, Antoine Grant, Bion Ludwig, Cody Anderson, Rose Paz, John Steuart (late after room 2)

Moderator: Jim Liew

Speaker: Elma Levy


Venture Capital Frontline Activities

Moderator: Jim Liew

Speakers: Sumner Webster, Christopher College, Jason Tagler, Ethel Rubin, Cantlin Paige, Alex Antoniou


How to scale your Company Quickly

Moderator: John Villarreal

Speakers: Bruce Cleveland, Elma Levy, Hector Del Castillo, Sumner Webster, John Steuart, Mike Gallagher


FinTech Revolution - Libra - What Does it Mean for Markets & You?

Moderator: Carol Van Cleef

Speakers: Todd Kata, Mihaela Ulieru, John Steuart, Rob Picard, Sylvia Long-Tolbert, Oki Mek, Mehrzad Mahdavi


AI the Future is Now

Moderator: Carol Van Cleef

Speakers: Jason Tagler, Oki Mek, Aleksandar Zelenovic, John Steuart, Rob Picard, Sonia Mundra, Mihaela Ulieru, Byunggu Yu

Startup Pitch Competition


Moderator: John Villarreal

Judges: Bruce Cleveland, Sarayu Srinivasan, Ethel Rubin, Paige Cantlin, Sumner Webster, Duane Rollins, Alex Antoniou, Michael Brown, Antoine Grant, Sanja Basaric, Edward Diehl, Steve Meltzer

Speakers: Pitch companies


Startup workshop/deep dive

Moderator: John Villarreal

Speakers: Sanja Basaric, Sarayu Srinivasan, Ethel Rubin, Michael Thomas, Elena Taube-Bailey, James Beoning, Sumner Webster, Oki Mek, Paige Cantlin, Alex Antoniou, Gil Alterovitz (late), Antoine Grant, Steve Meltzer, John Steuart, Edward Diehl, Sanja Basaric, Aleksandar Zelonovic (late), Eric McGill, Michael Brown


Legendary Edge-Advice from the Disruptor

Moderator: Jim Liew

Speaker: Jose Arrieta


GovTech Innovation -- Advice and Lessons Learnt

Moderator: Combiz Abdolrahimi

Speakers: Jose Arrieta, Ben Duan, David Spirk, Sonia Mundra, John Piletich, and Harrison Smith, Shawnna Hoffman


The Future of Healthcare

Moderator: Salma El Marjiya Villarreal & Alex Antoniou

Speaker: Nayoung Louie, Jeffrey Hausfeld, Sathya Elumalai, Gil Alterovitz, Edward Diehl


How Policy Makers Can Encourage Startups in the Digital Age

Moderator: John Villarreal & Jim Liew

Speaker: Jose Arrieta, Combiz Abdolrahimi, Bill Lockwood Jr., Elena Taube-Bailey, Sarayu Srinivasan, Ethel Rubin, Gil Alterovitz, Susana Marino, Eric McGill, Shawnna Hoffman

General Purpose AI - Around the corner or A Pipe Dream

Moderator: Reza Djavanshir

Speakers: Mihaela Ulieru, David Spirk, Femi Ayanbadejo, Paige Cantlin, Nayoung Louie, Byunggu Yu, Ben Duan, Ron Schmelzer, Kathleen Walch


Hottest Startup Areas Today

Regulators Dilemma - Stiffling Innovation or Unleashing the Kraken

Moderator: John Villarreal & Jim Liew

Speaker: Yaniv Sofer, Gil Alterovitz, Duane Rollins, Paige Cantlin, Antoine Grant, Femi Devin Ayanbadejo Sr., Mike Gallagher, John Steuart, Aleksandar Zelenovic

Moderator: James Calvin

Speakers: Carol Van Cleef, Bill Rockwood Jr., Mihaela Ulieru, Combiz, Lawrence Jones, Sumner Webster, Jason Brett


Media, Sports & Entertainment in the Digital Age

Moderator: John Villarreal

Speaker: Elena Taube Bailey, Ivano Newbill, Adele Gambardella-Cehrs, Mike Gallagher, Brandon Chicotsky


The Future of Automotive

Growing Unicorns - Tokenized Assets

Moderator: John Villarreal

Speaker:  James Boening, Jose Arrieta, Kevin Preskanis, David Spirk

Moderator: Alexis Johnson

Speaker: Sumner Webster, Antoine Grant, Christopher College, Katherine Pinkard, Christian Gorissen


The Future of Entrepreneurship Education


Moderator: Neil Kleinberg

Speaker: James Calvin, Nayoung Louie, Reza Djavanshir, Phil Kim, Brandon Chicotsky, Byunggu Yu, Mehrzad Mahdavi



The Venue

American University Washington College of Law

4300 Nebraska Ave NW
Washington DC 20016

The American University Washington College of Law has modern facilities ideally suited for a conference of this nature.  The venue is strategically located in Washington D.C., the most powerful and influential city in the World.






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America's Venture Capitol Conference - July 2019





America's Venture Capitol
Conference -

July 2019


July 18, 2019


American University Washington College of Law

4300 Nebraska Ave NW
Washington DC 20016

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